Team Development


Margaret Greenberg is well known in the marketplace for her ability to help intact work teams produce better results and, through the process, find more fulfillment their work. Teams that are experiencing particularly challenging times or need to work cross-functionally are two of Margaret ‘s specialties. Working up, down and across organizations — from senior executive teams to front-line customer service teams – Margaret uses a three-phased approach to this work:

Phase I – Discovery - It’s important that the discovery phase mirror the team approach the leader is trying to create. Therefore, it is critical to first gain a solid understanding of the business environment from not only the leader’s perspective, but also team members. Confidential, thirty-minute interviews are used to gather information on what’s working well, what needs to change, and what they hope to accomplish in the upcoming team session.

Phase II – Design & Facilitation - Working with the leader and one or two other team members, Margaret designs a highly interactive meeting that addresses the key issues both the leader and team identified in Phase I. In this way the team development is more business focused and is owned by the team. A team profile, using the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) or StrengthsFinder 2.0, is sometimes used to show the team how their thinking styles or strengths influence the way they lead the organization, solve problems, make decisions, and communicate.  The profile can also be used to identify ways to better leverage the talents of individual members.

Phase III – Follow Up - Since team development is an on-going process a follow-up component is always built into The Greenberg Group’s consulting. The follow up occurs one, three and six months after the original intervention and generally takes the form of an extended staff meeting or half-day off-site.

“Senior teams often think they don’t need any team development, however, from my experience if the senior team is dysfunctional, it is only a matter of time before their dysfunction trickles down to the rest of the organization and negatively impacts financial results.”  Margaret Greenberg

Additional Team Services

Project Team Kick-offs – Margaret is also skilled at launching cross-functional team kick-offs.  Getting a new, cross-functional team off to a great start can ensure they deliver their project on-time and on-budget and have a great time doing it.

Partnership Coaching – Sometimes the most valuable team development can be between two senior leaders so their respective organizations can work together more effectively, too.  Using the Herrmann Brain Dominance Pair Profile as way to initiate the discussion, Margaret facilitates a series of coaching sessions with the two leaders to strengthen their partnership.

Client Feedback

“Margaret listens very well and is able to read between the lines to get to the heart of an issue. She is able to adapt her approach and style to deal effectively with all audiences. She has an incredible ability to involve people within a group without making them feel threatened.” (CIO, Technology Company)

“Having someone from the outside was important, especially to get us started. Margaret did a nice job of guiding the conversation and probing for clarity. She really let the group set the tone and I think that was important for us.” (SVP, Financial Services Company)

“I was extremely pleased with the participation and engagement of the team.  It was fun, energizing; everyone’s candor surpassed my expectations.” (VP, Financial Services Company)

“Margaret was phenomenal – drawing out key points of discussion, encouraging openness and helping us model the behaviors we discussed.” (Manager, Financial Services Company)

Published Articles

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