Mergers & Acquisitions


Mergers and acquisitions are in the headlines every day making it difficult for consumers to even keep track of who owns their bank, supermarket,  or health-plan. While it may be confusing to the consumer, it can be just as confusing for the people employed by these companies. Typically, a tremendous amount of due diligence goes on to negotiate the deal, set strategy, and integrate product and processes. However, integrating the people from the two organizations, who in many cases were former competitors, is often an after-thought. In fact, a recent study cited the number one reason for merger failure is “a clash of cultures”. Helping organizations move beyond the “us” and “them” is a critical step to reaping the intended benefits of the merger. The Greenberg Group works initially with transition teams, and later with the leaders in the new structure to align the two cultures and create a sense of “we”.

Another often overlooked, yet critical aspect of any integration of two companies is communications—with customers, employees, business partners, shareholders, vendors, and Wall Street. The Greenberg Group works with organizations in both the design and implementation of a comprehensive communications strategy. Realigning how people are measured and rewarded in the new culture is another key area requiring expert attention. Using both employee focus groups and market data, Margaret partners with Human Resources to redesign performance management and compensation “systems” to better align with what the business is trying to accomplish.

Client Feedback

“Margaret is a great communicator. She has dealt with a tough situation with our senior team-blending two cultures among people with strong, entrenched ideas on how business should be conducted. She provided expert service in coordinating and especially directing the diverse human resource activities for our new company. Tremendous understanding of the human element and heartfelt sensitivity to the people involved.” (President, Financial Services Company)