About Us

In 2005, Margaret's quest for life-long learning led her to the University of Pennsylvania's Master of Applied Positive Psychology. Since that time Margaret has been translating the science of positive psychology into practical tools to improve her clients' individual, team, and organizational effectiveness.


Celebrating 21 years of helping businesses be their very best!

Executive Coaching


Developing and leveraging an organization’s talent can take many forms – from action learning, to rotational assignments, to executive leadership programs. However, experts agree coaching is key to realizing one’s full potential. Margaret Greenberg, founder of The Greenberg Group and a certified coach, is licensed in a number of individual and 360 assessments to give clients insight into their leadership style. Margaret coaches executives using a positive, strengths-based approach.

Team Development


Getting a team to perform its very best is no simple task. But with the help of The Greenberg Group a team can improve its productivity and create a work environment where employees thrive. Teams that are experiencing particularly challenging times or need to work cross-functionally are two of Margaret Greenberg’s specialties. From senior executive to front-line customer service teams Margaret designs and facilitates team development sessions that make a difference.

Direction Setting


Strategic thinking is about seeing patterns and trends, and making sense out of emerging markets and technologies. Strategic planning is about developing priorities and goals that can be quantified with financial targets and concrete action steps. Both processes are required for an organization to be successful. Margaret Greenberg designs and facilitates direction setting sessions for senior teams that are engaging, productive, and fun (yes, fun).

Where We Shine


At The Greenberg Group personal, team, and organizational effectiveness is our business. Founded in 1997, The Greenberg Group specializes in:

  • Positive Strength-Based Leadership
  • Executive, Team & Partnership Coaching
  • Positive Psychology Coaching
  • Direction Setting
  • Leading Change
  • The Human Side of Mergers & Acquisitions